Senior Robotics Software Engineer

Atlanta, Georgia   |   Full Time

Greenzie is hiring a Senior Software Robotics Software Engineer on our Robotics team to further our mission to free humans from repetitive outdoor labor. We’re accepting applications on an on-going basis, with flexible start dates, but ideally we’d have someone tomorrow if we could.

You’ll help lead development of software for our outdoor robotics platform, using the Robotic Operating System (ROS), C++, Python, and more. You’ll design, build, compile, lint, test, code-review, and field test our technology on actual lawns and fields. You will collaborate, architect, pair program, and share knowledge to help us free humans from repetitive outdoor labor.

This position will also involve leadership in daily stand-up meetings, weekly sprint planning, high level architecture meetings, retrospectives, and long term strategic road-map planning. And the best thing is, we’re a startup and we need your help in continuing to build a great company: if you want to be involved in other areas of the company, it's up to you. From customer discovery to sales and marketing, the field is wide open for you to participate and help us fulfill our mission.

We’re looking for an experienced software developer with solid engineering practices, but we understand not everyone has years and years of experience in robotics. Some experience with control systems, machine vision, obstacle avoidance, SLAM, robotics algorithms, and libraries earn major brownie points. Of course, solid experience with ROS, Gazebo, C++, Python, C, or other languages works too.

Easy going nature, humility, and teachability matter a lot as well.

Overall, a constant learner would thrive on our team. We’re scientific in our approach and want to be proven wrong versus just finding things fitting our world view. We bias towards action and believe working software beats the pants off of perfect software that never sees the light of day. We know a lot about each other (thanks to DiSC personality profile tests, team lunches, and axe-throwing outings) and use that knowledge to work better together. We support each other, we follow through on what we say we’ll do, and that also means we call each other out when we don’t: the ultimate form of kindness. We hold ourselves accountable first and seek to be good examples to each other. We love hard work, but love automating it even more, especially the boring repetitive parts of our own jobs, because that’s what we’re doing for our customers.

You may have a Computer Science or direct engineering degree. You may not. That’s not necessarily top of mind for us: we value what you can do, not just how you learned to do it. Solid code and strong experience is just as valuable to us.

We have big goals, but try to zoom out on high-level initiatives when appropriate to get day to day work,  week to week planning, and big quarterly projects done.  

You can expect an on-boarding process involving safety training (we’re big on safety), some mindful “braindumps,” and space and time to learn and figure out how to work best. We seek to provide feedback quickly and often, we praise publicly, and deliver critical feedback privately. You can expect to be given meaningful work, to take ownership of features, processes, and to deliver working code and product. We are in this for the long haul. We need your help.

We benchmark our pay against Atlanta employers and offer competitive equity plans for new employees.

Benefits at Greenzie are based on helping you maintain a healthy and happy life outside of work. We believe we can only work as well as we treat our health -- so we encourage employees to take advantage of our generous vacation and leave policies.

We have office space at the Atlanta Tech Village in Buckhead, but as a Result-Only Work Environment, we support getting your work done however and wherever works best and pay for whatever hardware setup works best for you. MacBook Pro? Sure! Slick ThinkPad running Ubuntu? Absolutely.

This is all on top of best-in class health plans (medical, dental, and vision), retirement matching, as well as long and short term disability.

We practice open book on how we run the company, from our salary leveling charts outlining how we compensate, to our last funding round, to our cash burn and latest pitch deck.

Please apply using the form below, so we can be fair to everyone who applies.

We used to do interviewing wrong and would talk about us and our mission and get excited about everything we’re doing -- and learn nothing about you, so now we do the opposite. It may seem one-way to start, but we really want to learn about you. We’ll do a telephone pre-screen with open-ended questions meant to understand how you think and to evaluate your fit for the role.

If you’re not a fit, we’ll let you know immediately, and deliver some feedback right away. If you make it to the next step, we’ll ask for some code you’re proud of and we’ll review it (well, a few of us will). Then we will schedule an in-person (or video for those who are remote) interview. Interviews will include a few staff and some more open-ended questions. No whiteboarding, no puzzles. If you make it to the next step, we’ll ask for some references, and make an offer based on our leveling charts.  We’ll fight hard to get you to join us. But first, we need to hear from you.

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Please note this position is based in the United States and Greenzie is unable to petition for H-1B, TN, J-1, OPT or CPT sponsorship, or I-140 portability at this time.